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The Brooklyn Hospital Center Partners with Clearway Health to Expand Specialty Pharmacy Medication Access for Patients

The Brooklyn Hospital Center Partners with Clearway Health to Expand Specialty Pharmacy Medication Access for Patients


New program aims to reduce medication financial burden, strengthen adherence and improve clinical outcomes for underserved patients

BOSTON — Wednesday, August 2, 2023 — A new collaboration between Boston-based Clearway Health and The Brooklyn Hospital Center in Brooklyn, New York, was formalized to help improve access to specialty pharmacy medication for underserved patients with complex medical conditions.

The new program will further expand services, reduce patients’ financial burden, strengthen adherence and improve clinical outcomes for patients receiving care at the hospital’s outpatient clinics.

“The Brooklyn Hospital Center continually looks for new ways to enhance patient care and our partnership with Clearway Health is a direct reflection of this,” said Robert DiGregorio, PharmD, chief pharmacotherapy officer. “The elevated program will streamline our specialty pharmacy medication processes and make lifesaving medications more affordable and accessible for those who need them most.”

Patients on specialty medication therapies often require additional education, clinical management and ongoing support to remain adherent to their complex medication regimens and manage side effects. Specialty medications can be costly, increasing the challenges for patients to begin and continue these critical therapies. Together, Clearway Health and The Brooklyn Hospital Center will provide specialty pharmacy services through in-clinic support from specialty pharmacists and patient liaisons to ensure patients receive coordinated, personalized care. Additionally, Clearway Health will help to unlock access to medications that are often inaccessible to local or regional hospitals, including access to limited distribution drugs and payer or pharmacy benefit manager lockouts.

“We congratulate The Brooklyn Hospital Center for choosing to build a program that prioritizes the needs of its vulnerable patients, and we’re thrilled to partner on this initiative,” said Allison Arant, senior vice president of client development and marketing of Clearway Health. “We’re grateful that The Brooklyn Hospital Center has chosen Clearway Health as their trusted partner to be an extension of their team who cares for their patients and community. Specialty medications are life-saving and life-enhancing therapies. Patients should never have to wonder how or if they’ll be able to access and afford the medication they need, and providers and clinical care teams should have reliable resources to support them and remove the burden surrounding specialty medication access.”


About The Brooklyn Hospital Center

Since 1845, The Brooklyn Hospital Center (TBHC) has been dedicated to providing outstanding health services, education and research. Their focus is ensuring optimal patient care through the use of advanced technology, innovative medical and surgical treatments, and staff expertise. Located in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn, TBHC is a clinical affiliate of The Mount Sinai Hospital and an academic affiliate of The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. For more information, visit www.tbh.org or call1-833-824-2669.

About Clearway Health

Clearway Health partners with hospitals and health systems to build or strengthen their own specialty pharmacy program, improve access to care and provide personalized support to vulnerable patients, families, providers and care managers to eliminate barriers and ensure medications are received on time. Born out of Boston Medical Center, Clearway Health serves hospitals, health systems and their communities - providing a service that's been proven, lived and experienced b your team. To learn more, visit www.clearwayhealth.com.

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Press Release
August 2, 2023
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