Clearway Health’s Educational Reimbursement Program Transforms a Career Path

Clearway Health
June 6, 2024

Katie Baxter-Clark, CPhT, is passionate about a people first approach, an attribute she says Clearway Health has lived out during her career trajectory from pharmacy patient liaison to pharmacy liaison supervisor to her new corporate role as pharmacy operations specialist on the industry affairs team. “Clearway Health has supported me in all of these roles, through the experiences and knowledge I have gained on the job, as well as, through the company’s educational reimbursement program,” says Katie.

Tuition Program Changes Career Course

Katie joined Clearway Health in November 2021, and at the time she was earning a Bachelor of Science in Communicative Disorders. When she learned about the tuition reimbursement program, she was able to accelerate her rate of graduation because she was able to afford more classes. Katie graduated in May of 2023, and was promoted to a supervisor role at OU Health. At the time, she had been considering a career in speech language pathology, but with the new role, Katie decided to take a year to decide what path she wanted to take.

 “Ultimately, I loved how Clearway Health invests in the people who make things happen for their patients, so I decided to get an MBA in healthcare administration, instead,” says Katie. “I’m really excited to take advantage of the educational reimbursement program because it’s value added; my skillset will be enhanced to help more patients and client sites, but also I’ll be better-rounded. And it’s not going to cost me anything, which is really exciting. I earned a partial scholarship to help get me started in the program, and with the educational reimbursement program, I’ll be able to finish my master’s with no out-of-pocket costs.”

“It took me 13 years to graduate, and working for Clearway Health was what pushed me over the edge to be able to finish. I had been going to school and paying for my education while working, and doing what I could, when I could, so it took a really long time. The consistency of just being able to keep going and afford the cost [of tuition] is what helped me finish,” she says.  

Not Stopping There – More Education on the Horizon

Katie will begin her master’s program this fall, utilizing Clearway Health’s tuition reimbursement program again. 

In her role as pharmacy operations specialist and as a pharmacy liaison, Katie gained a lot of the practical work knowledge, but as far as the business side, that is where she’s hoping to fill in the gaps with her second degree.  

“Learning and understanding how each piece breaks down and how small decisions impact client sites on a larger scale, such as determining when to implement 340B lines of service and execute new contracts, as well as, expanding my current knowledge on how to be an impactful people leader in the healthcare setting, are all skillsets I’m planning to build upon,” says Katie.

“I never imagined this is the work I would be doing, but it’s really cool what we can do to help patients,” she says. 

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