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The 8th Annual CPES Meeting

The 8th Annual CPES Meeting

The Council of Pharmacy Executives and Suppliers (CPES) is a division of the Institute of Healthcare Executives and Suppliers (IHES). IHES was formed in 2002 to provide forums for premier healthcare system chief executives to share their knowledge, best practices, and years of industry insight and feedback with prominent healthcare corporations.

Just like IHES, The Council provides industry insight with leading supply chain executives in the same dynamic format.  In 2015, utilizing the proven concept of IHES and The Council, they expanded with The Council of Pharmacy Executives and Suppliers (CPES).

Both IHES, The Council and now CPES are designed to create interaction between the senior executives from premier health systems and corporate executives from the industry’s leading companies.

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October 5, 2023
October 6, 2023
Nashville, TN
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