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Clear Way Health Care 2

Clear Way Health Care 2 - Vitality Cleanse

Unbelievable results reported with this package! 6 colonics in 30 days - $570 (Products approx. $165 plus tax) - products valued at $200. Total saved $95!

This program is designed for men and women who want to experience renewed energy and vitality and who want to get a serious stronghold on the detoxification process. If you are serious about getting their health back on track, gaining the benefits of a thorough colon cleanse, and re-focusing on a healthy lifestyle, exercises, and dietary practices, the Clear Way Care 2 Vitality Cleanse is a great place to start!

Includes 6 colonics in 30 days with the added option of products to assist and facilitate your cleanse. The Organic 14

Day Detox Kit is included free with purchase of CWC2 Vitality Cleanse package.

Full program includes a structured schedule and the following products for an additional charge:

  • Organic 14 Day Detox Kit (Included FREE with package)
  • LiverMax -- $35
  • Quantum Probiotics -- $35
  • ParaStat or ParaMax (get rid of parasites) -- $35
  • Premier Quality Digestive Enzymes -- $25
  • Quantum Greens Mix -- $35

If weight loss is one of your goals, you can add this effective combo (additional $95 plus tax):

  • Quantum FatStat -- $20
  • Quantum Lean Body Whey Protein -- $25
  • Quantum Adaptogen (works on Adrenals, Brain, Hypothalamus) -- $25
  • Coral Complex – Ionized Sango Marine Calcium/Mag -- $25
  • Quantum Greens Mix -- $$40

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For questions about our programs and pricing, give us a call at (310) 391-2017.

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