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Testimonials from Our Clients

Clear Way Health Colon Hydrotherapy is an excellent way to experience health…within. In fact that’s part of their name…Clear Way to Health Within. Spearheaded by Talya Meldy, the benefits are quadrupled since working with her not only incudes colonics and body work, but also talk therapy and certifications in many other practices for health, happiness and beauty inside and out.

Talya will customize the experience for you and you will always be getting “too much” for your money, but if you have any discount colonic Groupons, I bet you’ll return to Clear Way Health even afterwards, without one!

After my session I was in the waiting room with a few people as Talya consulted one of them with products and formulas that were exactly what I needed too. In fact everyone in the waiting room all bought her out of the superior products she sells for cleansing and healing maintenance…from probiotics to turkey rhubarb… (my favorite natural laxative.)

And, of course, her prices are super. She is The Colon Whisperer herself. She’s serious about superfoods, specializes in probiotics, pink salt, various detox packages and the best of the rest. Her supplements are off the charts. And if you’re ready to reform some lifestyle habits and patterns she’s there for that too! You can’t get much more from a person, so come and check her out. There are four other therapists there also with flower essences and more. You’ll find a practitioner for all seasons… of your health.

And the location is great too…always a parking space for you. The parking angels are already there….. waiting.

Stephanie D.

Hi Talya,I felt great after today’s session, and the colonoscopy went very well – Doc said he had a clear view of no problems. THANKS!

I saw Talya and had an excellent experience. Talya is a very kind, knowledgable and skilled colon therapist who I have already referred to friends considering having a colonic. I will absolutely be making appointments with Talya in the future. Thank you.

Thank for the note, Talya, and for the eye -and ass- opening experience. It certainly was all positive and you made it very comfortable in setting me at ease by talking me through the process before, during and after the session. I was pleasantly surprised by it all. The massage during the colonic certainly helped ease my body and mind, as did your kind and understanding words throughout our meeting.

I have spoke highly about it to a few people already, and will have no problem coming back, and referring my friends to Clear Way. Thank you!


Talya Meldy of Clear Way is a gifted healer. My colonic was an amazing transition not only on the physical level, but healing emotionally to Talya facilitated letting go on many levels of healing and clearing the way for better health.
Brigitte Mars
Author of Rawsome!, The Country Almanac of Home Remedies and The Sexual Herbal

I have been receiving colonics from Talya for over 6 years. I have had eastern style doctors try to help me, to no avail. They did not condone this type of practice but it has been proven to me that colonics work. It is important to me when receiving a treatment of this type that I feel safe and comfortable-not a clinical type of setting. Talya has taken the time to make sure her rooms are decorated with a calm, caring, and loving environment. She is devoted to her clients and provides everything she can to keep you healthy. The health benefits as well as the emotional benefits have empowered me and save my vitality. Bottom line, I don’t know what I would do without her services and friendship.
Jillian B.

Tayla, my colonic was a lifesaver. Kelly was amazing, it couldn't have been better. She was wonderful and sweet.

My appointment was superb!! Looking forward to the next one very soon. Thx for everything Talya!!

Talya was gentle and sweet. She also gave me a lot of valuable information about supplements and vitamins needed.

Arise &Shine

To talk about my cleanse experience I will have to talk about Talya first.

Talya has such a beautiful loving excepting energy. She is so knowledgeable and kindly informative. I feel inspired and encouraged so easily working with her. There is more to her work and colonics than just the flow of water. Talya has a magical energy flow that is the most amazing I have found in all my experiences with colonics. I am greatly appreciative that I have found her.

Doing the cleanse Arise & Shine has been a profound deep intense cleanse. I have been doing many cleanses for the past 10 years or more. Very many different styles & programs, as well as self-guided. I found this one in association with the fact that I have been on a very deep journey of change and shift in my life, has been the grandest. The amount of change in my body is phenomenal.

I have had lengths and lengths of mucus and lining and Plaque coming out of my body in, beyond fascinating amounts. It highly motivates me to continue, knowing that this plaque is being removed so noticeably. As well, I have dropped 22lbs in 30 days. I feel great. It was easy!! I have amazing energy. Staying on the cleanse has been simple.

I did the first week slowly. Gently. Having 3 meals & weaning my body off of heavy proteins. Cooked. Etc. Basically. Meat. Then each week became deeper.

Finally Totally juicing. Raw fresh organic veggies & fruits for my lunch & dinner. This final week of water & herbs will be my first ever water only cleanse/fast. The true meaning of the experience ... So it still remains to be seen...

(My cleanse was extended timewise because I did a few added parts to the days. For example, 4 days apple juice only. To have a deep liver/gallbladder cleanse. Then another plant medicine experience of 4 days which put my cleanse into a fifth week).

The spiritual aspects of my cleanse have been deeply amazing as well. I believe that the sensitivity I have in recognizing shift and change has a lot to do with my work, however, this cleanse is definitely assisting this experience to greater heights. So much is coming out from Old layers of body energy held in my system, and emotions stored in my liver, and in such depth that it is undeniable.

What is most fascinating, is that the cleanse has been so easy. I don't feel hungry, I feel satisfied & full, and I can hardly get all the supplements in timewise because I'm so full. It makes me laugh in fact, because I have to put my timer on to make me go to the next one and the next one and the next one. Rather funny. I have so much energy I can hardly stop my day around 8pm. Still full of motion. ;)

I am greatly appreciative that I am able to set aside a specific time for my cleanse in my life. I am able to reschedule all social interactions. I truly am in a very sacred space for myself. Which is highly beneficial on such a deep cleanse.

As I always believe, elimination diet does not only include foods. Illumination of negativity is most important. negative influences, negative input from things like TV, people, media of all sorts. As well as elimination of noise. Peaceful soothing atmosphere aids greatly in recognizing the releases & change. Although it is not necessary for an amazing cleanse. It is an added enjoyment for me.

My soul soars.

In this month I have done a weekly colonic, Ozone treatment, & every other day coffee enemas, Prayer. Gratitude & positive affirmations. Body scrubs, as well as massage. And finally. Many salt bath rituals. Sometimes with honey. Coffee. Lavender. Goats milk. Things like that.

Amazingly also, the benefits go beyond my body. My house is getting wonderfully organized and all the clutter is becoming less. My list of things to do is getting completed daily. My sleep is deeper. Finally I want to say that this weight I am dropping, I accomplished dropping it four years ago. 47lbs. I was pretty happy for that but now I recognize that what I actually did was just loose the weight. I didn't clear my intestines. so that my body would be set up to keep the weight off. my body still had the plaque. Therefore in 4yrs my weight slowly returned. I'm certain of that as I see what is now happening. It's phenomenal. Having now entered into an all water phase of the cleanse I now know that being fully prepared is the best plan. I have experienced a weakness and dizziness that I've never had before during cleansing. I found that the potassium broth was highly necessary. I would have had it prepared the night before starting my Full water cleanse if I had realized. I just don't want to set myself up for failure. I want to set myself up to succeed. This being my first all water cleanse it was quite different. More challenging. I was ok after allowing myself to have potassium broth. I completed my cleanse. Very pleased with my body's ability to stick to it.

I highly recommend Arise & Shine.

Thank you for caring to know how people are doing. Thank you a wonderful experience.

Sincerely. Tracy Ray in Venice

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