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David Allan, D.C. - Rocketship Wellness / DAGIIT
Magnetic Clay Detox
LL"s Magnetic Clay Formulas
Pulls Pollutants Out Like A Magnet" by Lau'ana Lei.
Remember: In all chronic & serious conditions, check with your doctor or professional. LL"s Magnetic Clay Formulas
Always go slow at first & gradually increase the amount of clay in the bath over time.
Robert Youngs Acupuncture
For delicious raw food education, recipes, videos and cutting edge information...
A retreat detox spa offering colonics, juice fasting and classes.
There are numerous benefits to taking a coffee enema.
For coffee enema how to instructions, click here.
Do you want to quit coffee? This step by step guide will show you how. Click here to get started!
Local Cheap and Delicious Organic Raw Food Delivery Service
Optimal Heath Network
The 100% Raw & Organic Juice Delivered Daily
International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy
The Cove Wellness Lymphatic Center
The Blue Print Cleanse
The Panini Coffee and Cafe
Family Meal Delivery
is available in any combination of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks that best suites your lifestyle.
Essential Living Foods is dedicated to providing the highest quality, most nutritious, cutting-edge, sustainably-farmed Superfoods to the World and to the local Los Angeles community. When you purchase our products you are making a direct, positive impact on the quality of life in small farming communities around the world because we give back 1% of our sales on our packaged products to the farms we work with. Our entire team in Santa Monica is dedicated to providing the people with food and education that can help them achieve radiant health. Pure Superfoods direct from the farm. Mobilizing our expertise in organic agricultural, ethnobotany and natural medicine, ELF travels the world year-round in search of exotic heirloom crops emerging from indigenous cultures and unspoiled ecosystems. Its not just health food its Essential Living Food.
Call 310-387-8070 Tom Halpin for excellent and affordable plumbing services. All plumbing services including colonic equipment.

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