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More Testimonials from Our Clients

I have had a few other experiences in colonics over the past decade and can honestly say Sherri was the best. Not just the epic results but her bedside manner and the ease of being with her. She's a pro and while we had so much in common, it was just a 100% amazing experience all the way around. Thank you again and good hire with Talya!

I felt very "cleansed" after the colonic; my stomach felt flatter, and overall I felt lighter. It was not painful at all, and I felt comfortable with the Kelly and the facility. I will definitely be back for another colonic in the next few months.

I had a great session with Monica. i've had a colonic before by one therapist that I knew and trusted prior, so seeing someone knew was a big step for me. I am so glad I took the step! Monica was so caring and compassionate. I was feeling really sick prior to coming in, so she was patient, not to mention accommodating by seeing me during the evening. she was great!

"Hi there. Talya was absolutely amazing and very informative. It was a very positive experience for me!"

I had a really great experience and learned a lot about myself and what steps to take to begin to balance my digestive fire. Since my appointment with Talya on Saturday I have done a lot of research on ayurveda and healing and am very interested in continuing to cleanse and continue to heal from the inside out."
Lisa G.

Kelly was the best. She's a very warm and caring person, and she made my session very comfortable. I'd recommend Clear Way to anyone. Thanks

Talya is a gifted colon hydrotherapist. The whole process was much easier and more comfortable then I’d ever thought possible.
B. Goldblatt, Attorney

A colonic with Talya is a must. She will familiarize you with state-of-the-art, sterile equipment and teach you invaluable tools on how to cleanse easily.
R. Fitzpatrick, Homemaker

Between the colonic series and the homework, I lost 10 pounds and have my energy back. It’s powerful!
G. Reynolds, Author

No more headaches, bloating or chronic fatigue!
A. Levin, LCSW

Colon Hydrotherapy helped me detox quickly after food poisoning. It also solved my constipation problems. I used colon hydrotherapy to prep for a signoidoscopy procedure. It has restored my energy and assists with weight-loss programs.
Lance T.

After just one session, there’s no doubt in my mind that colon hydrotherapy is a beneficial, drug-free, non-toxic health necessity.
Dr. Wells, M.D.

I feel so comfortable with Talya. I get three sessions for the price of one: a great colon hygiene session, an amazing massage and wisdom from an ‘old soul’.
K. Green, Acupuncturist.

Talya is very gentle, very knowledgeable and very gifted practitioner. Her sessions are much more than just a colonic, as she employs various tools and techniques to treat the whole person. In addition to a clean diet, I trust Talya's work to maintain my intestinal health.
Matt A., Raw Food Chef.

Every session brings me into a new, deeper, more intimate knowledge and love for my body. I leave feeling relaxed and light. My mind is more alert. My cheeks are rosy. My eyes are brighter. I began colontherapy by recommendation from my chiropractor. My lower back was in pain. My doctor said, “It’s not your back, it’s your colon!” She was right-I haven’t had back pain in years.
Grace B.

Colon Hydrotherapy has helped me in so many ways. Before getting colonics, I suffered from migraine headaches, food sensitivities, constipation, and Candida. By changing my diet and receiving colonics, I no longer get headaches, stay regular, and no longer suffer from Candida symptoms. Colon Hydrotherapy has been the most beneficial modality I have found to help stay healthy and balanced physically. It also has helped to reduce my PMS symptoms significantly.
Nicole M.

I feel lighter, healthier and cleaner. I am more centered in my body. I am more physically present, more clear, and more conscientious about what I eat.
Sandy M.

I feel so much lighter mentally, emotionally and physically. I feel colon therapy has allowed me to let go of past experiences and now I am a clearer person. I feel I can handle anything. Thank you to Talya. I believe this will benefit anybody in their journey to self-improvement.
Arlene E.

Colon hydrotherapy has helped to detox and cleanse my colon, facilitate more frequent bowel movements, improved my immune system and overall health.
Crystal C.

The effect of the treatment was noticeable soon after the treatment and the benefits appear to be increasing with more treatments. My skin is clearer, my lower abdomen area is clearly less distended and my bowel movements are regulating without the use of laxatives, which I have been dependent on for many years.
Lynne M.

It has helped me with relieving excess gas and bloating. It is a wonderful emotional and physical release in a supportive environment. Colonics contribute greatly to my overall health and well-being.
Leah S.

It’s made me feel healthier all-around. I have more energy; have regular bowel movements, clearer skim, healthier hair and nails and clearer thinking.
Monique R.

I have increase energy and regularity and a decrease in stomach aches and stomach bloating.
Barbara S.

Colonics relieves pressure, cleanses the body of Candida, gave me clearer skin, and makes me feel good.
Molly S.

Colonics improved my digestion very significantly and helped me relax. I was able to get educated about digestion and my physiology. It is great preventative medicine, as colon disease is frequent in my family.
Lauren F.

Talya arranged to have my Wife and I both get a colonic on Sunday as our schedule didn't allow for the wait. The Wife took Talya (of course) and I had the good fortune to have Monica do my second one in three days. She was on her 6th of the day yet was fresh and present and took great care. Her belly work/foot work was exceptional and made the difference with what I was dealing with the second visit. Had to give her a shout as well and let you know your entire staff is amazing and a true assets to your clinic. Have an amazing day! -- LOVE"

My overall health is consistently improved. Less colds and infections. Better digestion, more energy. It has unequivocally changed my life.
Padma A.

I would like to thank you for the difference colonics have made in my health. Beyond the colonics, I also commend the high level of professionalism put forth by clear Way to Health. Colonics have saved me from having to have invasive surgery. Reversing a serious digestive problem that there seemed to be no other option than surgery. Along with dietary changes and colonics, I was able to reverse the problem to 100% health.
Colonics also reversed a 10-year struggle with severe acne. Regular colonics resulted in perfectly, clear, hydrated, healthy skin. This was not the result when I tried what the doctor prescribed for acne, which resulted in unpleasant side effects. With colonics, I did not have any side effects and my skin looked better than when I was on the antibiotics.
During a recent 9-month struggle with debilitating migraine headaches, colonics were the only relief I would have. I tried many of the migraine medicine available, only one of them would numb the headache for a few hours, but never eliminated it. I had to deal again with unpleasant side effects from these medicines. I stopped them altogether and continued colonics, which resulted in the lessening of the migraines until they stopped altogether. Aside from the many times colonics have benefited my health, when doctors and medicine couldn’t fix the problem, there is an overall sense of well-being that I have experienced with having colonics. I have experience improved health, more energy, better coloring in my skin and a sense of a clear mind. Colonics have been the single most beneficial thing I have ever done for my health. And the colonics at Clear Way to Health have the best colonics I have received. Clear Way to Health is a world class organization that provides the best in service to our community.
Katherine M.

I want to thank you for helping me change my life-I feel like a new and lighter person since I started having colonics at Clear Way. Although I was referred to you by my Physician to help reduce the high levels of Mercury in my body, the additional results I’ve received helping my digestion and regularity are mind-blowing. After having an abusive relationship with laxatives while in college, I had damaged my system-making it more difficult to have normal bowel movements. At times I would go for a week without a natural movement. It had gotten so bad that sometimes I would smoke a cigarette and drink a cup of coffee just to poop! But after just my first visit to you and the initial colonics, my digestive system started changing. I can’t tell you how amazing it was for me to wake up and have to go to the bathroom! After just a few visits, I am happy to report I go twice a day! AND I feel so much better, physically and mentally. Living as a person whose body functions as it was intended is such a freeing and comforting way to live. I don’t feel toxic anymore! No more bloated stomach, painful stomach and backaches. It’s such a relief! In addition to feeling better, I appreciate all you have taught me about my digestive system and my body. I admit I didn’t remember much from my high school biology class, but now I’m confident I understand how my body functions and how to keep it healthy. I can’t thank you enough for all you have done and continue to do for me.
Anne L.

I've had Chrons Disease for over twenty years. When I was diagnosed, there were not any medicines to treat Chrons other than steriods, which I could not tolerate because of the severe side effects. I slowly learned which foods did me harm and which were better for me. I finally learned to manage a diet for my Chrons, but the Chrons would still bother me and hender my lifestyle for years; calling in sick for work, not being able to keep committments, making plans and suddenly getting sick. It was horrible, finally, I learned of medicine for Chrons Disease and had been on medicine for about ten years, but again, the Chrons still managed to become active (not as often, but still active). I finally decided enough is enough. I went to a few places to get my first colon cleanse, but I did not feel comfortable for many reasons. A friend told me about Talya Meldy so I got my first colon cleanse by Talya. I am so glad I did. Talya has a gift of relaxation. I felt so comfortable with her. One thing that was very important to me in search of finding the right Colon Therapist was the place absolutely had to be clean. Clear Way Health is clean and filled with warmth. Best of all - because of a moderate diet and regular colonics, my Chron's has been manageable for to years now. Since I now get my colon cleansed on a regular basis, I can cheat from time to time on my diet. I cannot begin to thank Talya for what she has done to improve my health.
Lolita S.

I am feeling much better after the colonic. Monica was great at explaining everything and helping me relax which really helped the process. I really have been feeling great since. I will definitely be back!
Jim L.

I had a great experience at Clear Way, thank you! Kelly was fantastic. She made me feel really relaxed and comfortable, and she was so kind, attentive and fun to talk to, I couldn't have asked for a better therapist and experience.
Fiona L.

It was so great, Monica was extremely kind and soothing, she explained the process fully and answered all my questions. The treatment itself was incredibly positive, and I left feeling cleansed, exactly as I had hoped I would. I will definitely come back to see Monica, perhaps on a semi regular basis, maybe once a quarter or so...

Monica was an absolute sweetheart! She made me feel so comfortable and was very informative. I will definitely be back next week when I get back to LA. Have a great day!!
Brendy S.

Thanks for the follow up, yes it was a good experience & Indira is great.

My experience was amazing. It was my first time and I'm so glad I did it here! Kelly was great and extremely helpful throughout the whole experience. I will definitely return as well as refer friends in the future. Thanks!
Phylicia J.

It was the first colonic I had ever received and the service that Indira provided was great. She made me feel very comfortable because I was nervous about the tube. Indira was very pleasant during the session and I will definitely ask for her again when I need another colonic. I immediately felt a difference in my body after the session was over and I will definitely recommend Clear Way to anyone I know who is interested in a colonic.

Thanks for your follow up. My session with Kelly was great. I really appreciate how comfortable she made me feel. I could tell that she genuinely cares about my healing. I'm very grateful to have met her and have already set up an appointment to come back. :-)
Heather C.

Kelly was professional, caring, astute, careful, and supportive of the entire "personal" process. I will refer her to anyone seeking a healthy way of living. Blessings to you and your staff and thank you for all that you do for so many in need.

Talya, Kelly is the most caring kind considerate and professional practitioner. I am now a faithful client, She certainly exceeded my expectations many-fold coming over. The staff was very courteous on the phone, my message was replied to very shortly and with courtesy, the facilities were very clean and peaceful and comfortable, and having plenty of parking on the street was a blessing each time. Thank you!
A. Babak

Hi Talya!! I was THRILLED with Monica. It was my first colonic and I couldn't have imagined a more pleasant experience. Monica made me feel extremely comfortable and her energy and voice are soothing and gentle! You couldn't ask for better service~ especially with something so personal and potentially embarrassing.
When I get some time I would love to write a review for you guys on yelp. I will definitely recommend Clear Way to any friends who are seeking... Thank you for the follow up!

Talya, Thank you for making my first colonic experience such a positive one. You are truly a gifted and knowledgable healer. I appreciate you walking me through the steps of what to expect, the lessons on how the body all works together and the gentle way in which you guided me through the process. I also appreciate your professionalism and what you were able to make work given the breakdown with not knowing that I was in the waiting room and you missing my communication that I would be 10-15 minutes late for our appointment due to the Obama traffic.

Dear Talya, I liked your 'How'd We Do?' invitation. I didn't see any Feedback Form so I am writing on my own.

Talya performed an excellent colonic for me. The reason for my colonic was that I had a scheduled colonoscopy with Kaiser on the same day. I thought that instead of going through of all the discomfort and inconvenience of the hospital recommended chemical cleansers, that I would enjoy a thorough and pleasant colonic with Talya at Clearway. Talya was personable and professional. I felt well taken care of by her in a lovely treatment room with nice 'flowing' music. I would recommend Talya and Clearway to anybody for a positive colonic experience.

BTW, when I had my colonoscopy, the nurse said that she had never seen such a clean and pink colon. I told her about Clearway and she smiled.



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