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Monica Leon Biography

Monica's heart centered acceptance of people, no matter what their background or condition, is ever present in her work providing a safe and nurturing healing space for clients. Originally from Barcelona Spain, she spent the first decade of life growing up in Africa which exposed her to various cultures, languages, customs and communities. This unique environment during her formative years gave her an opportunity to see the world from many different perspectives and taught her how to navigate the daily diversities she encountered using compassion instead of separation. The indelible impact Africa made on Monica would continue throughout her life kindling a deep desire to help those less fortunate or in need.

By the age of fifteen, Monica's interest in the martial arts practice of Tae-Kwon-do began in correspondence with her spiritual path, as the meditative, disciplined aspects of this practice allowed exploration of both. After seventeen years as a black belt student, Monica's interest in how the mind, body and spirit connect and communicate in regard to health, healing and spiritual well being increased eventually leading her to the United States. In 1994 she moved to Los Angeles and started on a journey to obtain knowledge, training and expertise in several fields of holistic healing. Her certifications include: Colon Hydrotherapy (American Institute of Natural Health); Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) Level l & ll; Flower Essence Therapy; Massage Therapy (IBSP); Reiki Master; Kundalini Yoga (KRI) Level l; Cranio Sacral Therapy; Brain State Technologies; and, First Aid / CPR (American Health Care Academy)

Monica's approach to her work emphasizes authenticity and trust, staying informed of the newest advances in fields of physical and energetic health and healing, and the creation of a safe, supportive space where clients can receive the loving care they deserve. She has helped hundreds of people heal and cleanse through the use of colon hydrotherapy and continues to be inspired by the amazing health benefits she too has experienced over the years. Her natural warmth and kindness radiate from a genuine desire to be of assistance to others on their path to a happier, healthier life. /p>