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Marti Martinez Biography

Irene M. Martinez was born in Glendale, California, growing up in a big family and on a tight budget. . She was given the nickname “Marti,” in the 6th grade, and it stuck ever since. Marti ate home cooked meals, and packed school lunches! The only problem was that she ate “too fast,” inhaling everything, which in turn caused Marti’s digestion to be aggravated.

Having gone thru some tough emotional experiences, Marti dove into sports, understanding the importance of teamwork, helping others and exercise for all ages. Marti searched for a career to help people stay fit, set personal health goals and maintain good health. Looking for a way to reach her goals, Marti got into the health industry by working for a very kind dentist. This 13 year career was a way to implement her knowledge of fitness and also teach her dental patients the benefits of a healthy diet and excellent oral hygiene. Dentistry is not just about having a “pretty smile,” but the heath of your mouth mirrors the condition of your entire body. The same is true for colon health.

At the age of 48, Marti experienced her first colonic. Cleansing her colon made perfect sense, with her dental experience. She further investigated alternative modalities, including the benefits of a healthy diet, meditation, cleansing, “earthing,” and actively seeking spirituality. Marti was so inspired by how amazing she felt, she had an immediate calling to administer colon hydrotherapy sessions. Marti trained at the prominent school of colon hydrotherapy, IEI - or the Internal Environment Institute, in Santa Monica. She received I-ACT training and certification. July 2014, Marti became an I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist. She has gained much of her experience from hands-on training. In addition, she was guided by Talya Meldy, of Clear Way Health, where she is currently building a wonderful practice. She became a Pranic Healer in 2016.

One of Marti’s many goals is to provide both nutritional and supplemental guidance to her clients in order to enhance their overall health. Marti’s gentle touch and presence fills the room with healing energy.