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Electrolymphatic Massage and Drainage

Finally! A Healing Modality that can clear the body of debris at a cellular level. This gentle and relaxing process involves a small, infrared wand that runs over the body to release toxins from the 600 Lymph Nodes located throughout the human body.

$80 for one full hour of stand alone Electrolymphatic session.

Lymph session is done before your colonic. Prepare with no make-up, perfume, or lotions on your body.
Service provided by Talya Meldy or Kelly Green

This Modality Is for anyone who...

  • Struggles with bloating or weight gain
  • Has joint or muscle aches
  • Has cellulite/wrinkles
  • Has hormone imbalances
  • Feels tired and sluggish
  • Has a low immune system
  • Wants to clean the blood & boost the Immune system
  • Is cleansing or detoxing
  • Has a desire to bring the body to a higher level of health

You will be TRULY AMAZED at how wonderful you will feel!

Call (310) 391-2017 or e-mail today to schedule an appointment!

Learn more about electro lymphatic massage/drainage …articles coming soon!

For questions about our programs and pricing, give us a call at (310) 391-2017.

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