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The Beautiful Process of DETOXIFICATION…

Sit in a comfortable seated position for a few moments and scan internally through the body…

What is apparent to you right now? Are you hungry or thirsty? Is that nagging lower back pain still there? Do you feel tired and drained? Get really honest here…what needs your attention right now? We can get familiar with these healing challenges in our body and distract ourselves with something else, so, let’s put away the “to‐do” list and focus inward. You may start to realize that there are consistent clues telling you that your body is out of balance…let’s ask a few more questions here…

  1. Are you sleeping fully and deeply, waking up feeling rested
  2. Are you eliminating from the bowels AT LEAST once a day and urinating every hour?
  3. Do you have a slight body odor that deodorant doesn’t seem to help? How’s your breath, does your mouth feel acidic?
  4. How’s your libido?
  5. Do you feel bloated constantly, especially after you eat?
  6. Do you need coffee or sugar to get you through your day?
  7. Are you holding extra weight or retaining water?
  8. Do the emotional upsets in your life seem more than you can handle?

Do your answers surprise you? If they do, remember, this isn’t about right/wrong, should/shouldn’ts, this is about the messages our bodies are lovingly telling us…”Please pay attention and take care of me!” So, your answers may have had you realize that the body needs a break and needs to be recharged. How do we as human beings do that? Through a process called “DETOXIFICATION.”

For those of you who have done a cleansing “detox” before, you know the bliss, clarity, weight‐loss and shifts that can occur in your life during the process. It’s like the body is guided to another level of health and you want to stay there forever! So, let’s get back to that feeling, starting now! Detoxification starts with awareness and commitment.

For those of you who have never done a cleansing “detox,” before, welcome yourself into the most amazing experience you can have in your cellular body. You could never imagine how good you can feel. It is truly an empowering, inside job that will soar your holistic self ‐mind, body and spirit to new heights.

Please contact Talya Meldy at (310) 391-2017 for a consultation to determine if the detoxification process will benefit you.

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