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Clear Way Health Care 1

Clear Way Health Care 1 -Detox Fast Track

For people new to Clear Way Health or people who want a thorough cleanse in a short period of time - 3 colonics in 10 days = $300 (optional cleanse products not included).

If you have an audition, photo shoot or your wedding is coming up, the CWC1 Fast Tract is a good way to clear skin and get rid of bloating…plus you will feel energized!

Cost: $300 (optional cleanse products are an additional $155 plus tax). Full program includes a structured schedule and the following products for an additional charge:

  • Total Body Rapid Detox Kit – 14 Day Cleanse Kit -- $40
  • Ultra Flora Probiotics – 200 Billion (the strongest available) -- $35
  • Quantum Digest – Full Spectrum Enzymes (no fillers) -- $25
  • Premier Pink Salt -- $15
  • Premier Coconut Oil (the best unrefined from Karela, India) -- $20

Clear Way Health Care 2 - Vitality Cleanse

Clear Way Health Care 3 - Healing Over Time

For questions about our programs and pricing, give us a call at (310) 391-2017.

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