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Colon Therapy Preparation

Before Your First Colon Therapy Session:

  1. Do not eat or drink two hours before your session.

  2. Juice and eat lightly the day before and the day of your session.

  3. Take all medications, herbs and supplements at least four hours before your session.

  4. Try a castor oil heat pack on your colon or liver the night before and after your session. To soothe abdominal tightness.

  5. Dry skin brush the morning of the session to detoxify the skin, stimulate blood supply and get the stagnant lymph fluid moving around the body.

  6. Exercise (abdominal exercise is key to colon health), especially INVERSIONS

After Your Colon Therapy Session:

  • a. Dietary Chlorophyll – Nourishes and oxygenates entire system and parasites don’t like it. It alkalizes where needed and calms.
  • b. Aloe Vera Drink – Heals tissues throughout the entire digestive tract and prevents re-absorption of toxins into the tissues. Great while chelating heavy metals, after a colon hydrotherapy session. Ours has no fillers!
  • c. Liquid Minerals – Maintains the electrolyte balance and helps with water absorption. Ask about Original Quinton (expensive) or Pink Salt (cheap)
  • d. Probiotics – Provides a positive bacteria balance in the colon.
  • e. Greens Mix – Dr. Greens or Quantum High quality greens mix for daily nutrition support.
  1. EAT LIGHTLY – avoid gassy, heavy large meals. Get in the habit of only eating one serving instead or two (or more – Oink! Oink!). Eat Bland, not spicey.

  2. WATER – So necessary for all body/mind functions. Remember to drink at least 8 glasses each day. Not ½ hour prior to, during or within ½ hour after meals.

  3. BATH – Take the evening following the colonic. Quantum Medi-Bath is full of minerals and add powdered ginger for a treat – as hot as you can stand. Bathe for 10 to 15 minutes only. Massage your colon from right to left, and ALWAYS UP. Massage your feet in the bath also, then relax.

  4. FIBER – Try flax, bulking agents, natural fiber and bowel herbs.

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