Coffee Enema Benefits

Why would someone want to have a Coffee enema? Did you know Enemas and colonic irrigation used to be routine procedures in hospitals?

Coffee enemas were first popularized by Max Gerson, MD.  Dr Gerson believed the major benefit of the coffee enema is to enhance elimination of toxins through the liver.

Endoscopic studies confirm coffee enemas increase bile flow. When patients were given a coffee enema, within minutes of administering the procedure, bile flow increased. Increased bile flow also alkalinizes the small intestine and promotes improved digestion. Coffee also acts as an astringent in the large intestine, helping clean the colon walls. When a coffee enema is used, the caffeine from the coffee is preferentially absorbed into the system and goes directly to the liver where it becomes a very strong detoxicant. The coffee causes the liver to produce more bile, which contains processed toxins and moves bile out toward the small intestine for elimination.  Patients taking coffee enemas report improved energy, feeling less stressed, and an ability to experience uninterrupted sleep. Blood tests taken by patients after a coffee enema report increased red blood cell counts, which improves oxygen in the body.

A common contributor to ill health is the production and absorption of toxins within the small and large intestines. If food is not digested properly, sugars ferment and protein putrefies or rots. Both processes generate toxic chemicals which are then absorbed into the liver. The coffee enema enhances digestion by increasing bile flow from impaired digestion, which is caused by production of toxic substances in the intestines.

Coffee enema instructions by Dr. Max Gerson

Coffee Enemas are for HOME USE ONLY

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