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Let’s define leaky gut.
Leaky gut provides unpleasant imagery of intestinal contents spilling into your body. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happens, and the results are a wide variety of chronic health issues. When compounds from your intestines pass through a damaged gut wall into your sterile environment, which contains your bloodstream, these unwanted compounds can possibly trigger various health conditions: skin problems, joint pain, chronic pain, autoimmune disease, mysterious symptoms, puffiness, fatigue, brain fog, depression, anxiety disorders, poor memory, asthma, food allergies, sensitivities, seasonal allergies, fungal infections, migraines, arthritis, PMS, and much more. Continue Reading

Most people agree that efficient digestion is essential to consistent health, yet many people live with digestive problems for years – thinking that there’s nothing else they can do about it. Older people believe their digestive problems are because of age.  We know more today about digestion then we have at any time in history. Wait a minute, there are many natural ways to improve your digestion, and using nutritional supplements is one of them. We will discuss ways to improve your digestion in this article by consuming the best food supplements.  Simply follow these steps. Continue Reading

Your digestive health has a direct connection to your body’s health. Did you know that the kinds of food you consume affect your entire quality of life? Let’s learn how you can improve your digestive health.

Your digestive tract is a mysterious long tube, which contains more solutions for your health than most people could ever imagine. Continue Reading

If you are constipated, you are most likely feeling fatigued. Constipation and fatigue often create symptoms, which will make you feel old before your time. The symptoms of constipation include: bloating, straining, irregular bowel movements, passing small hard stools, and hemorrhoids. Continue Reading

If you type the term bloating or constipation into WEB MD’s search box, 1048 results will be displayed. The large number of returns tells you constipation or bloating is a major illness facing the U.S. adult population. Colonics using pure, natural and warm distilled water can be very helpful in relieving this condition.
The expression constipation is derived from the Latin word “constipatus” which translated means to press or crowd together, pack, or to cram. Continue Reading

  1. Is Colon therapy safe? Yes, colon therapy is safer than a typical enema The safety is based upon the use of modern equipment.
  2. What symptoms indicate that colon hydrotherapy may help me gain better health? If you are experiencing constipation or Diarrhea, frequent severe headaches, back aches, fatigue, bad breath, foul body order, irritability, chronic skin problems, frequent mental confusion, abdominal gas,sciatic pain, low energy, and low resistance to colds colon hydrotherapy may relieve the above conditions. These problems can be indications you need to cleanse your colon. Continue Reading

Just think how fast things would get dirty if the garbage operators went on strike or your trash cans were not cleaned regularly.

Guess what? The same is true for your body. Your colon effectively acts as your personal septic tank. Your colon needs regular cleaning otherwise its contents are re-absorbed into the body in a process known as auto-intoxication. No one wants that. Continue Reading

Colon cleansing with hydrotherapy has provided relief to people with digestive problems for thousands of years. As our population learns more about the kinds of foods we eat, and how they affect our bodies, a strong trend toward healthy consumption has been gaining strength. Eating and drinking a balance diet in the form of healthy vegetable juices will improve your digestion because the needed vitamins will remove unhealthy toxins from your colon, which may cause you to feel tired, sick or depressed. The average person can drink vegetable juices as a part of a regular diet. The vitamins needed by your body to function properly, which are found in vegetable juices will improve your colon and immune system, which can make you feel better. Continue Reading