Benefits of Colon Therapy

Just think how fast things would get dirty if the garbage operators went on strike or your trash cans were not cleaned regularly.

Guess what? The same is true for your body. Your colon effectively acts as your personal septic tank. Your colon needs regular cleaning otherwise its contents are re-absorbed into the body in a process known as auto-intoxication. No one wants that.

Toxic metals and other debris can be eliminated primarily in your liver bile which empties into the small intestine and this prevents re-absorption. It’s important to “take the garbage out,” to ensure that intestinal contents are being disposed of efficiently.

Any deposits will prevent the efficient absorption of water which may cause diarrhea and possibly form blockages preventing the efficient propelling of waste products – aka dreaded constipation. Yeast and ultimately parasites may flourish in these deposits. When your bowels are not functioning correctly, the other excretion organs including the kidneys and particularly the liver are subjected to increased strain.

Psyllium HusksIt is very important that you defecate at least once per day (ideally three times a day) and that you maintain this pattern throughout your Natural Recovery Plan. Psyllium Husks, can be a “binding agent,” if not taken with enemas, or tons of water. Watch what happens when you put a spoonful in some water and it turns into a hard rock in a very short time!! Unless, you want to bind loose stools, I would test it out before getting attached to this type of fiber. Psyllium husks can be bought cheaply at most health food shops. These are no longer our first recommendation, as they are generally from a GMO (genetically modified organisms) corn husks.

Flax Seeds (organic), Chia Seeds or Acacia FiberA level teaspoon stirred into a glass of juice or water taken once or twice a day will help regulate your bowel movements and act as an internal broom cleaning removing debris from your bowel walls. This cleaning absorbs and eliminates bile, and other waste in the intestines. Chia seeds can be purchased in liquid drinks, like “Mama Chia,” found at the health food stores. These cleaner fibers can be plain or flavorful, liquefied or ground and enjoyed.

Colonic hydrotherapyIdeally, all treatment for chronic or degenerative problems would start with a course of colonic hydrotherapy and thereafter with regular maintenance. Many people are naturally resistant to the colon therapy idea. There is no point pumping high quality supplements into your system, if you have a colon full of compacted fecal waste which is constantly poisoning your system, right? This can be especially hard on your liver. Another bonus is that the beneficial effects of colon hydrotherapy can be achieved very fast. Many chronic problems can be reduced within a few weeks of cleansing.

The reason why we have come to need something as drastic as colonic irrigation in order to maintain health is because our diet is far removed from the natural diet that we evolved eating for millions of years. We are designed to eat raw and fresh foods, not iced buns, lager, cheesy snacks, colored fruits, sweets and candies!

In addition, the stress that is a part of modern life adversely affects our digestion through what is known as the second brain, which is a dense mass of nerves in your intestines. Alcohol; additives; pesticides; fertilizers; pharmaceutical and recreational drugs; tobacco and lack of exercise all have a major part to play.

A colonic is not the same as an enema. With colonic hydrotherapy the aim is to cleanse the entire large colon (about 1.6m/5ft) whereas with an enema it is only the rectum (the last 30cm/12in) that is purged, generally. We do know some “enemamologists,” that are able to get the water all the way around their colons with enemas, but they use the enema supplies from our website, click on products and then click on any picture to get great enema supplies from $15 to $300. Coffee enema supplies also available here.

What happens during a colonic?People are often anxious about treatment, but most colonic hydro therapists are sensitive to these concerns and your modesty is preserved. A small tube (5cm/1.5in) is inserted into your rectum and your colon is washed out repeatedly with about 1 liter (2 pints) of warm water at a time.

The entire system is fully enclosed, so the treatment is not messy or unpleasant. All equipment used is either sterilized or disposable. There are usually no pumps, requiring the use of slight water pressure created by gravity and only filtered water is used.

The treatment is gentle. Initial colon therapy may require between 4 and 6 visits generally a week apart. Thereafter, one visit every 4 – 6 months should maintain your treatment. Although you may prefer to attend more often during the detoxification process to prevent re-absorption of metals and toxins. Obviously eating a good diet full of natural fibers like fruit and vegetables should help to keep things moving between visits.

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