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We serve the Los Angeles and Southern California communities through healing your body and improving your spirit.  Clear Way Health was founded in 2002.  Our goal is to help you feel better by improving your health.  You will feel warmth, satisfaction, and relaxed when you visit one of our caring therapists. Our most important question for you is what can we do to make you feel better? 

Stress and a poor diet create toxins that can lead to disease, weight gain, and dehydration. Colonics, also known as colon irrigation are a safe, gentle, and a highly effective method to assist your body in the detoxifying process.

Come to Clear Way Health and experience powerful, effective colon cleansing therapy.  All of your treatments will be administered by a member of one of the most caring, warm, and professional colon cleansing staffs in Los Angeles.  All of our staff are I-ACT certified. You will feel your stress melting away the second you step into our spa-like setting of Clear Way Health’s newly renovated offices.  We are proud to be available for you seven days per week.      

Our clients have reported receiving the following benefits from colon hydrotherapy: hydration, weight loss, aid in reforming life style addictions, relief from digestive discomforts, detoxification, and a pleasant natural alternative to laxatives.

We refer to other specialists that offer Lymphatic Massage Therapy, which can reduce swelling, water retention, and nasal congestion. 

Please call us at 310-391-2017 or email us at info@clearwayhealth.com to set up your first appointment.