Constipation Causes Fatique

If you are constipated, you are most likely feeling fatigued. Constipation and fatigue often create symptoms, which will make you feel old before your time. The symptoms of constipation include: bloating, straining, irregular bowel movements, passing small hard stools, and hemorrhoids.

Fatigue is one of the lesser discussed symptoms of constipation. My clients don’t relate their fatigue back to symptoms of constipation. They feel they are leading a normal life, which could possibly be too hectic, perhaps they are not getting enough sleep, or they are living under high emotional stress. Most of you are surprised to learn when cleansing your colon the body detoxifies itself from sludge, mucous, and accumulated fecal matter. After detoxification your body’s energy level will increase. The truth is when we are fatigued, all duties and jobs become a major chore. Simple tasks like getting up in the morning will be an extreme hardship. Life situations including: stressful careers, pursuing higher education, and running after your children in your home will seem like an overwhelming job. When you are fatigued and do not have the zest for life that you once had, it can easily lead to depression. If this sounds familiar, and you are constipated, you should take the offensive and cleanse your colon.

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