Colon Health

Your Colon is the King of your organs according to Dr. Bernard Jensen. You may askā€¦ Why? Because if you do not have healthy bowel eliminations every day, the stagnant fecal waste will build up and be absorbed through the colon walls into your blood, which will slowly poison your whole body. Dr Harvey Kellogg, M.D. who performed over 22,000 surgeries stated that he never saw a healthy colon in the numerous intestinal surgeries that he performed throughout his career.

Typical Healthy Bowel Eliminations

  1. You should have a good bowel movement after every full meal that you consume.
  2. The bowel movements should exit easily without straining.
  3. Your movements should be very quick; no need to sit for a period of time on the stool.
  4. There should be a very slight odor and the smell should not be offensive.
  5. When wiping there should be little need for toilet paper.
  6. Your bowel movement should be large, well formed, firm and thick (not pencil-like).
  7. Your bowel evacuation should sink to the bottom.

Poor Elimination from your Bowel

  1. If your body does not properly eliminate its waste products within 24 hours of your meal, then auto intoxication begins (a fancy medical term for self poisoning).
  2. Once stagnant fecal buildup occurs, the terrain (or environment) becomes a perfect breeding ground or home to various harmful agents including parasites.
  3. When the stomach acid is in correct balance, the liver bile is right and your colon is healthy. Your body can easily kill and eliminate many infective agents including parasites.
  4. The incubation period for parasites is typically 36 hours. The healthy bowel evacuation should be approximately 24 hours. The typical American’s bowel transit time is 96 hours.
  5. Detoxifying the bowel is indeed a very important organ in an effort to either restore or maintain health.
  6. The basic need to have a healthy bowel and its evacuations is dietary fiber.
  7. Studies have shown the quality of organic fruits and vegetables grown in the United States, which is part of your fiber intake is poor at best.
  8. Quantum colon Cleanse Blend has been designed to produce qualilty fiber from pristine lands without the existence of pesticides, herbicides and other toxic residue. It comes in both powder and capsule forms.
  9. When you begin to use the cleanse blend, it is not unusual to pass stringy rope like stools, large amounts of mucus and dark or foul-smelling fecal waste.
  10. Drinking ample amounts of water is important.


  1. Besides feeling miserable with constipation, constipation produces a number of challenges.
  2. Constipation impairs your mineral and nutrient absorption. Constipation also recycles toxins throughout your system that normally would have been eliminated.
  3. Constipation increases both the load and stress to your kidneys and your lymph glands, and it impairs your mental and emotional well-being.
  4. Constipation can cause fecal matter to back up into your spleen, liver and gallbladder overloading these vital organs thus causing you to carry an extremely heavy toxic burden.

NOTE: Diarrhea is really constipation with excessive gas production. The exception to this theory is when a person consumed a food they were allergic to or as a side effect of medications – both OTC and prescriptive.

Tools to aid in the Colon Cleansing process

  1. Aloe Stat – the inner leaf of the aloe plant valuable in helping purge the old fecal matter buildup.
  2. Medi Clay – has a pH of 9.7 and with such alkalinity it helps protect against attacks from pathogenic organisms.
  3. Medi Clay works itself into hardened fecal linings on the intestinal wall and begins to soften the hardened matter so that good fiber can begin to sweep it out.
  4. Medi Clay also aids in cleaning pockets in the intestinal tract that occurred from long-term poor colon health.
  5. Galactin – is a fibrous product that promotes gastro-intestinal health and improved immune function.
  6. Intestinal Nano brings an array of support to intestinal health.
  7. Colostrum supports regular bowel movements and helps the body overcome loose stools.
  8. Colostrum is a great immune support and is even safe for very small children.
  9. Probiotics are necessary in the re-establishment of the ideal bowel environment.
  10. In some cases to help detoxify the body from unwanted microorganisms, products like Alicidin Complex, Hyssop, Reishi, or Aloe Aborescens is indicated and can be quite helpful.

In addition to cleansing your colon, restoring excellent digestive function greatly aids health of your colon. We have talked about this fact in passed newsletters emphasizing the digestive support from your stomach.

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