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Your digestive health has a direct connection to your body’s health. Did you know that the kinds of food you consume affect your entire quality of life? Let’s learn how you can improve your digestive health.

Your digestive tract is a mysterious long tube, which contains more solutions for your health than most people could ever imagine. Continue Reading

Are you suffering because of an unhealthy colon?

If you are experiencing digestion or colon health problems, you are probably having a extremely difficult time. Colon disease will make your life very unhappy. If you fail to treat problems in your colon at an early stage, you will experience a variety of health or stomach issues. The key idea, which you should consider when dealing with colon diseases is that they will severely affect the health of your entire body. Continue Reading

If you are constipated, you are most likely feeling fatigued. Constipation and fatigue often create symptoms, which will make you feel old before your time. The symptoms of constipation include: bloating, straining, irregular bowel movements, passing small hard stools, and hemorrhoids. Continue Reading

If you type the term bloating or constipation into WEB MD’s search box, 1048 results will be displayed. The large number of returns tells you constipation or bloating is a major illness facing the U.S. adult population. Colonics using pure, natural and warm distilled water can be very helpful in relieving this condition.
The expression constipation is derived from the Latin word “constipatus” which translated means to press or crowd together, pack, or to cram. Continue Reading

Your Colon is the King of your organs according to Dr. Bernard Jensen. You may ask… Why? Because if you do not have healthy bowel eliminations every day, the stagnant fecal waste will build up and be absorbed through the colon walls into your blood, which will slowly poison your whole body. Dr Harvey Kellogg, M.D. who performed over 22,000 surgeries stated that he never saw a healthy colon in the numerous intestinal surgeries that he performed throughout his career. Continue Reading